You want to know your next right step for your unplanned pregnancy.

You don’t have to feel ashamed, panicked, nor alone when facing such a life-altering decision. Your life isn’t over. We’re here to help you make the right choice for your life.

  • Is your pregnancy growing in the right place?

  • Is there a heartbeat?

  • Do you know how far along you are?

  • Are you aware of all your options?


“They didn’t freak out when I asked for information about abortion or not being married. They were patient, understanding, and nonjudgmental.”


You’re not alone.

We have staff and volunteers who have faced unplanned pregnancies of their own. We know this wasn’t in your plans, but we would love to help you figure out your next step.


Let us be your guide.

  • Licensed, trained medical professionals on staff with 25+ years of experience operating under the direction of a board-certified Medical Director.

  • Over 99% of patients who receive care at 1st Choice would recommend us to a friend – and the majority of our clients learn about us from former clients.

  • Every patient and family member is treated with respect and provided with individualized service to meet their specific needs.


“When I walked in the door, it felt so calm and peaceful. The atmosphere is warm and inviting.”


What’s your next right step?

Every year millions of women find themselves confused and afraid as they face an unplanned pregnancy. 1st Choice Pregnancy Medical Center provides free and confidential medical services in a safe and judgment-free environment to empower them to make their own choices about their pregnancy and take the next right step for the lives.


 Get help in 3 easy steps.



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Be sure to bring your photo ID with you to your first appointment.


Be Empowered.

You’ll know your options and be equipped to make the next right choice for your life.

You don’t have to be confused and afraid.